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Best Wiki Submitter for Wiki backlinks! .

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It Helps to Create Contextual Do Follow Backlinks in Single Click! With Support of Over 6 Platforms and Ability to Scrape and Add Own Sites Makes it Unique!

Wiki style website is very special in Google view. This can be proved through its fast indexing process in Google search engine and its high PR. This kind of website is also used by many .gov and .edu websites. It makes Wiki website has a good quality of backlink and becomes the most favorite backlink building place for webmasters to build their websites.

But for several people, building one by one backlink manually on Wiki based website is very frustrating. So now, they try to find out a software that can help them build backlink on website. One of them is Wiki Automated Article Submitter, which has several nice and unique features.

This is a newest software that helps you to build backlink on Wiki website. You even don't need to waste your valuable time, this software will do all process quickly and efficiently.

Wiki Article Submitter is so much more than just a wiki software though.

Check out the list below to see for yourself....

Here Are Just SOME Of The Amazing Features Of Wiki Article Submitter

  • Set Maximum Links & Accounts Limit

    You can now also set the maximum links you want per campaign in addition to drip feeding them. Perfect for doing client work. This also apply to the number of accounts you want created per account group.

  • Best Database of Wiki Sites

    Our server-side script actively looks for footprints, scrapes new sites and removes non-working ones so you don’t have to. Typical 87%++ success rate!

  • Multiple CMS Support

    Why restrict yourself to just MediaWiki sites? Our software posts to MediaWiki, WikkaWiki, MacOS Wiki, TWiki and more.

  • Multi-threaded Account Creator

    You can run up to 100 threads at once. No more waiting for accounts to be registered, Wiki Article Submitter will create 100 accounts in a single query. – nothing else does this!

  • Import Your Own List of Wiki Sites

    You can now import your own list of wiki sites from a .txt file, simply uncheck the “Use Wiki Bomber’s built-in list” checkbox and click on “Import from .txt” button.

  • Multi-threaded Wiki Poster

    The article submission process is also multi-threaded up to a maximum of 100 threads. Wiki Article Submitter is the fastest Wiki Poster available on the market! GUARANTEED!

  • Randomized Usernames

    Random usernames are generated for each and every single Wiki site to eliminate footprint across your campaign. If you post an article to 10k+ sites, 10k+ unique usernames will be used.

  • 3rd Party Captcha Outsourcing

    Have your submissions running completely hands-free! Wiki Bomber integrates directly with De-captcher and Death by Captcha API. You can also choose to skip sites with captcha’s.

  • Scrape, Spin and Post!

    Wiki Article Submitter scrapes articles from the web and spins them for you. Just enter a seed keyword and let the software do the rest. Stop writing unique articles and wasting your precious times!

    ...and a LOT more!

  • Built-in Link Indexer

    Wiki Article Submitter automatically creates an RSS feed from the list of URLs and pings each one of them using the top 80+ RPC servers so your links get indexed faster.

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If you are offering SEO services to local businesses
then you must know about the latest Google Changes.

There has been some major shifts in the Google Rankings lately,

Private link networks are being de-indexed and penalized,

This is all due to a number of algorithm changes Google has recently patented.

The good news is Google STILL loves AUTHORITY links from Wiki style directories.

Did you know there are hundreds of Wiki style sites that allow you to submit links to?

But there is ONE PROBLEM...

None of these sites make it easy to submit links in the spin format they require
and only accept what is unique to their platform which also makes it
difficult to get approved because the link needs to be positioned in a non promotional way.

Wiki Article Submitter - Hot New SEO Software Gets #1 Google Rankings!


Google can rank your site to the 1st page very quickly if you have active hyperlinks
within the content you are submitting to on the wiki directories out there.

I have seen sites get top position in Google in days if not weeks just from
having a few active hyper links on wiki sites.

So guess what?

Thankfully there is one UNIQUE piece of software that is NEW on the marketplace
and helps you get all the wiki kind of backlinks you desire with ease.

This software absolutely smashes any other kind of link building software out there!


Remember, this application is 100% web-based. Because of the significant infrastructure we need to keep it performing, updated and on the cutting edge, it will need to be sold for a monthly subscription!

This incredibly-affordable one-time price launch discount is our way of making sure that Wiki Article Submitter is accessible to anyone who needs it. But we can't keep this pricing for long!

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Now it's all about quality Not quantity...
With Wiki Article Submitter you can build High PR DO Follow Contextual Links in Auto Pilot with One Click and
Create Link Wheels on the Fly!

Wiki links are getting more and more popular and whoever doesn't use them with their project, is trailing behind his competition. Google loves Wiki backlinks!.

It's a serious business app solution for a real, in demand need that we decided to tackle head on, and solve for you so you do not have to.

And, to do it in a massively valuable way with a bargain price.

So now we ask, is this something you can afford to ignore any longer?

You could go off and hire a designer and a developer and have them mess around, taking lots of money and more importantly, your time....

You could go and pay some high priced monthly service that will charge you through the nose for something less powerful....

Or, you could recognise a bargain when you see it and can snap this up right now for a one-off no risk price, no subscription fees to pay.

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But first... Here's a recap of everything you're going to receive:

Viki Article Submitter
Viki Article Submitter
Set Maximum Links and Accounts Limit
Database of Wiki Sites
Multiple CMS Support (WikkaWiki, MacOS Wiki, TWiki, etc)
Auto-generated Unique Username DB
Multi-threaded Account Creator
Multi-threaded Wiki Poster
Scrape, Spin and Post!
3rd Party Captcha Outsourcing
Drip Feed Links
Built-in Link Indexer
Anchor Text Diversity
Proxy support
Supports captcha breaker
Scheduled Reports
Built-in RSS Creator and Mass Pinger
Import Your Own List of Wiki Sites
FREE Lifetime Updates
VIKI Article Submitter - BEST Viki Poster Software VIKI Article Submitter - The ultimate SEO Ranking Software (Professional Edition)
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Support for technical problems is available for the lifetime of the product!

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watch-the-quick-tourBecause we want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a full 30 day guarantee - you will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part, because if our support can't fix your technical issues, we'll refund you. Except that, all sales are considered final are will not be refunded for any other reason.
For that reason, we ask you to buy only when you are confident that you can benefit from this software and will follow the tutorials to install and get started.

We aim to work closely with serious marketers who are ready to take their business to the next level and if you're someone who just wanted to buy and refunds, we recommend you think twice.

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